Our History

GUNUM Trade DOO is a Belgrade - based import-export and consulting firm in the Balkans. We provide consultancy services in many different areas such as education,opening a LLC renting workplace and apartment flats, providing accountants and lawyers.

Our Mission

As GUNUM Trade, our mission is to provide you with the best service according to the business area in which you want to receive consulting services in the Balkans.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the most reliable, successful and solution-oriented consulting firm in the Balkans for you.


Our Working Principle

As Gunum Trade DOO, our working principle consists of 4 main criteria



First, we begin the process with the step of defining the area where you want to receive counseling.


On your behalf, we conduct all research related to your field in detail.


After our identification and research process, we create and prepare our plan in the most appropriate way.


By completing the process that exists together with this last step that we have implemented our plan, we achieve the most successful result for you.
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Our Service Network

Below you can see the distribution of areas in which we actively serve in Serbia. Let's make this happen together in the Balkans, no matter what your dream is.
Professional Website Design
University Of Belgrade Educational Consultancy
Providing Professional Accountant & Lawyer
Opening a Firm in Serbia
Obtaining residential and work permit
Finding Rental Flats and Warehouses
Financial Report Presentation
Analysis Of Product Exports From Turkey

Why Should You Work With Us ?

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    Professional Approach

    No matter which area you receive our service in, we follow all the steps on your behalf meticulously and keep you informed about the process.
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    Results-Oriented Work

    We ensure that all processes are completed smoothly, both with our advanced knowledge of Serbian and with our professional Serbian partners in their fields.
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    Our priority about the service you receive is to always be with you when you need it, ensuring your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some questions you can think of about Serbia. In addition, for any personal questions, you can send us a message on our whatsapp line or send a message on the topic in the Contact section.

Although Serbia has different salaries compared to the city where you live, it is not an expensive country compared to Turkey. This, of course, does not mean that Serbia is a cheap country. Rent, bills and clothing are higher, especially in the capital Belgrade.

Belgrade is the first city that comes to mind for investment in Serbia. The reason for this is that the city is changing and developing every day, attracting visitors from different nationalities with its popularity. It is also developing in cities such as Novi Sad and Nis and has favorable conditions for different investment networks.

The most suitable sectors for investment in Serbia are construction, food, clothing and tourism. In the field of construction, both with the incentives of the state of Serbia and due to the fact that the buildings are old, work is being carried out in the field of renovation and construction.

In addition to the construction sector, there has been a large increase in the field of clothing and food in recent years. Many Turkish investors, especially in the field of food, are opening restaurants and fast food shops in Serbia.

We can say that Serbia has a very vibrant social life. Belgrade, in particular, is one of the few entertainment cities in the world. With its ever-vibrant nightlife, year-round festivals, Serbia is a living country.

Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, the 3 largest cities in Serbia, have many universities. At this point, our proposal to you is the University of Belgrade, which we advise and has an equivalence by the YÖK in Turkey.

Serbian English is the official language of instruction, but there are different faculties where you can study English. For detailed information, we recommend that you review our University of Belgrade education package.

Although each student's personal expenses vary, assuming that you will stay in a dorm or house where you can have your own room, you will pay an average bill of around 125 - 150 euros.

In addition, if you usually make your food yourself, an average figure of 450 -500 euros is enough for you, along with all your personal expenses.

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