Our Services

Below are the areas where we provide consulting services in the Balkans. You can send us an email from the Contact section or send a message via our WhatsApp number for your questions and opinions about the subject you want to get consulting services for.

Obtaining a resident and work permit with the establishment of a company
After deciding to invest in Serbia in relation to your business area, we carefully implement the process of obtaining work and session permissions with the installation of your company and conclude it as soon as possible.
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Professional Website Design For Your Company
We offer you a service with a theme and package that best suits your business area in Serbia. Within 15 days, we install your website to reflect your brand on social media.
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Analysis Of Product Exports From Turkey
After finding the most requested cleaning, food, furniture and other products in Serbia on your behalf, we present them to you as a report.
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Home and workplace rental
We provide the most affordable apartments and businesses in Serbia for you in a short time through our professional real estate team.Juliette: We also offer you different alternatives to all the places we will find in this process.
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University Of Belgrade Educational Consultancy
We follow the entire procedure on your behalf in the application process to Belgrade University, which is the largest state university in Serbia and is also recognized by the YÖK in Turkey.
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Providing Accountant and lawyers in Serbia
After you decide to invest in Serbia, we provide you with the provision of lawyers and accountants that you will need after your firm installation.
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Testimonials Of Our Customers

Below you can find comments from our customers who receive services in different areas from us.

"I had been planning to study abroad for a long time. Meanwhile, on the advice of a friend, I started researching universities in Serbia. After that, I decided on the University of Belgrade, which was the most suitable option for me. I am grateful to GUNUM Trade DOO, who sincerely answered all my questions during this process and was always with me in my registration processes. The best company you can find in Serbia for student counseling.''
Melis E.
"For a while, my partners and I had a plan to invest in the clothing sector in the Balkans. We are currently actively selling in Serbia thanks to GUNUM Trade DOO, where we have the opportunity to work together as a result of our research. I recommend GUNUM Trade DOO to all investors with peace of mind, which helps us at every point from the installation of the company to the purchase of all permissions.''
Kenan D.
"I was planning to go abroad to a city that is both economical and vibrant for language education. At this point, as a result of my research on the city of Belgrade, I conducted negotiations with the firm GUNUM Trade DOO to get advice on this issue. I would like to thank the GUNUM Trade family for perfectly performing all the procedures in everything from the language school I want to go to to my place of residence.''
Ece S.
"After a long research on investment in Serbia, we decided to open our company in Belgrade. We established our company in the field of furniture together with GUNUM Trade DOO in a short time. In the continuation, they quickly found a solution for us, both in the showroom and in finding lawyers and accountants. We hope that our partnership will continue for many years, GUNUM Trade DOO is the most successful consulting firm in the Balkans.''
Cemil N.
"After I first came to Belgrade with my partners in 2019, we decided to invest in this city. Our goal was to establish a company in the field of souvenirs and bijuteri. In 2020, we discussed this issue with GUNUM Trade DOO company, about which I received positive comments. From the day they founded our company in Serbia, they solved all our problems in a short time and did not always spare their help. It is the most reliable company in Serbia where you can get advice.''
Mert C.
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